The Abyss called Science Fiction

Science fiction has fascinated me since childhood though I did not know it by that name. My earliest exposure was during my 5th year when I used to enjoy a series on television called ‘Giant Robot’ which was a story about a boy who controlled a robot and fought evil villains. At 10, a Hindi television series called 'Indradanush' captured my imagination...(Click here to read on)

Dune - a  20th Century Epic of the Distant Future

Laws to suppress tend to strengthen what they would prohibit.To use raw power is to make yourself infinitely vulnerable to greater power” The best parts are philosophical  insights like these that blend seamlessly with the main story, giving us a better  understanding of the sociopolitical and economic forces that shape our present day world as well. (Click here to read on)

Foundation - A Political History of the Distant Future

Physics at a very broad level, as we know, tries to fit a mathematical model to data available regarding various physical phenomena such as movement of bodies and physical properties. Now let us take this whole concept and apply it to social phenomena. History in some ways can be considered data on social phenomena. (Click here to read on)

Ender's Game - A Gripping Tale of Strategy in Action

When I watched the cult classic anime Cowboy Bebop few years down the line and heard Jet Black say, “There’s nothing more pure and cruel as a child”, Ender’s Game was the first thing that came to my mind. The whole idea of Battle School is built on this philosophy – that a child’s innocence gives the child immense power to commit acts of terrible cruelty without any hint of the hesitancy or remorse that the conscience of a more experienced mind brings to bear upon its owner. (Click here to read on)

Demon Princes - A fascinating futuristic revenge saga

A boy sees his family getting killed by villains. A gap of few years. And then – Lo Behold! We have the hero of the story – now an angry young man all set to seek vengeance. The sure shot recipe for a Bollywood blockbuster. But doesn’t sound the likeliest of stories to hit it off with science fiction buffs, does it? But that is exactly what Jack Vance has managed to do. And how! (Click here to read on)

Childe Cycle - Bridging the Past and the Future

It is based on the idea that if groups of humans are isolated from each other, they might evolve to be different from each other. In the current world, that is closely integrated, it may not be possible. But if humans spread across the universe, people on far away planets may develop cultures completely different from each other. (Click here to read on)