Hickory Dickory Dock - A Clock Reminisces

I gazed at the frail old woman who sat on the chair. Silvery white strands of hair glowed in the darkness where the moon beams found their way to her head through the open window. There was a time when the beams would have been sucked into the darkness of these strands. Time! Isn’t that the unseen, unheard deity that reigns over the lives of mice and men? (Click here to read on)

The Heart's True Music

Was it really the music that attracted them to him or just his reputation as the finest musician in Vienna? Would he get the same praise even if he performed badly? Would a lesser known musician get the same appreciation even if he performed better than him? Was reputation all that mattered? Did music have no value in itself? What if he had not been lucky enough to get the breaks he had got that had earned him his reputation? (Click here to read on)

Jewel of the Jungle

She sang softly and her tunes seemed to resonate with the sounds of the forest - the rustling of the dried leaves, the chirping of the evening birds, the chattering of the monkeys on the trees, the far cry of the lone wolf! He wished this moment would last forever. He wanted no food, no drink, no sleep. His father, his mother and even his fiancee lay forgotten. His entire existence had just a single meaning (Click here to read on)

The Lonely Bus Stand

The sun was blazing away in all its fury. The wind was trying to compete with the sun, blowing its top swirling dust all over. The rocks however just held their ground completely oblivious of the efforts of the sun and the wind. And like the rocks, was the lone man waiting at the bus stand – calm and unperturbed. His long matted hair and beard made it difficult to guess his age. (Click here to read on)

A Toyol's Tale: The Real Monster

The large man’s dark eyes flared up in fury on hearing the sing song voice of what looked like a toddler with grey mottled skin.
“Why do you look at me like that, master? I would think you no longer love me.”

“Don’t set your evil eyes on my child, you monster.”  (Click here to read on)

The Masterpiece

Loser! The one word that describes fifty eight years of my existence! My entire life has been an exercise in futility. Failures! Failures! More failures! That is what I have seen all these years. I should have listened to my father and taken up that job he wanted me to take up. But no! I wanted to go  chasing after fleeting dreams of grandiose! What has it got me? Nothing but frustration!  (Click here to read on)

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