The Idi Amin of Malleshwaram

Have any of you played a game of crazy crosses? You haven't? Come, let us play. What do you get if you cross the African Dictator Idi Amin and the Indian Scientist CV Raman? Well, the answer is..... The Idi Amin of Malleshwaram. What the hell is that now you may ask. To find the answer I shall have to ask you to step into this time machine with me and travel three decades back in time. (Click here to read on)

The strange incident of the boy in the craft class

You are sitting in craft class, colored paper and glue on the table in front of you and a pair of scissors in hand intently watching the teacher demonstrate how to create an intricate work of art. Your attention is temporarily distracted by a snipping sound. You turn around and what do you see lying on the seat right next to you? Hair! Lots of hair! How possibly could hair have made its way into the classroom right out of nowhere? (Click here to read on)

Of Dungeons, Spaceships and Motorcycle Diaries

“Come, Kothi, let us explore the dungeons?”


“Yes – the dungeons. I have found the path to a dungeon where we shall find wonderful treasures. But we have to fight monsters. But that is not something I am sure two heroes like you and me can't handle. Or rather a hero like me and a sidekick like you.” (Click here to read on)

A Tearful Farewell

A fold-able cot was all that was needed to convert the veranda into a bedroom for her. In addition to giving her a place to sleep, the space under the cot would double up as a wardrobe for her to store her clothes. Till then the Veranda had kind of belonged to me. So I had not been entirely happy at the prospect of having to cede territory to the aunt who was to come to stay with us. (Click here to read on)

The Hunchback of Ernakulam

Some people are born great, some people become great, some people have greatness thrust upon them. Similarly some people are born hunchbacks like Quasimodo of ‘The Hunchback of Notre Dame’. Others through their exertions, taking greater and greater loads on their back, instead of achieving greatness, end up with broken backs. Still others get their backs broken for no fault of theirs. The hunchback in my story belongs to the third kind. (Click here to read on)

Opening of a Magical Portal

As he read on, the jackal disappeared. He was not a boy anymore. He was now a jackal. He caught the smell of food which seemed very much like that of his mother’s cooking. He approached slowly. He heard a strange noise that went ‘Boom’, ‘Boom'. He was now scared. He wanted to turn back and flee with his tail between his legs. But he was too hungry. He gingerly took one step at a time and proceeded in the direction of the delicious smell till he caught sight of the large war drum. (Click here to read on)