The True Message of Christ

He was a man who knew what was right and had the courage to stand up for it. And the reward he got - suffering all his life - being hounded by Jewish Pharisees and the like and finally a gruesome death. Christ was stated to have supernatural powers. He cured blindness and leprosy. Couldn't he have proved his point by bringing plagues and locusts like Moses or striking down his antagonists with lightning from heaven? (Click here to read on)

Understanding Gandhi's real contribution

For long time I have been cynical about the greatness of Mahatma Gandhi. I am sure many of my fellow educated Indians would have similar views. However over the years I have begun to develop a better understanding of this man and his message. The experience has been like the peeling of an onion. The layer of Gandhi - the one who got us independence was removed to reveal a stubborn man. But this layer also gave way to...(Click here to read on)

Demystifying Indian Middle Class Politics

We are the ones the government pays least heed to. Despite this blatant unfairness, we seem to be the staunchest defenders of the system. While we do demand lot of reforms, we are the most wary about rocking the boat in any way. We are the most vocal when it comes to cribbing about the functioning of the government. Yet when it comes to voting, we don't seem all that much keen.  (Click here to read on)

Why India can never be friends with Pakistan, China, US

I try to prove using pure logical reasoning why none of Pakistan, China or US can ever be a true friend of India. My whole argument is going to revolve around a single line from the preamble to India’s constitution that defines India as a sovereign socialist secular democratic republic. Each of these words is a reason why  India can never be aligned with one of the three nations.   (Click here to read on)

The Battle of Symbols

Few years back, a cartoonist was arrested for insulting Indian’s national emblem. There was lot of outrage regarding curtailing of freedom of expression and people being over sensitive about trivial issues. It got me thinking whether things were as simple as that. Or were there deeper forces at work? (Click here to read on)

Education for the Twenty First Century

I magically enter my own mind. It is struggling to soar high into the clouds. It wants to leap and to bound and go on a flight of fantasy. But the body keeps it shackled which in turn is shackled by the demands of the educational system. The mind tries hard to pull away. But the body stays rooted to the desk holding the mind a prisoner along with it. Inside my head a battle is raging. (Click here to read on)