Title: "Ten Shades of Life"; Compiler : Nethra A.; Publisher: Mahaveer Publishers (February 2013); Pages: 240

This book having 10 stories of different genre , has my first published story - Nootropic Egress. It is a light science fiction tale of  a preteen prodigy's encounter with an alien species. Some of the key themes in the story are The Legend of Stonehenge, Development of intelligence in reptilian species, inter species relations and racism in schools.

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Title: "Sirens Spell Danger"; Compiler : Suresh C.; Publisher: Amazon Digital (December 2013); Pages: 172;

This book has 3 stories by 3 different authors in crime thriller genre with strong female protagonists. My story Bellary is the tale of an Indian Intelligence agent's adventures in a small mining town in Southern India, which involves two beautiful women, two mining barons and espionage. Some of the key themes in the story are local myths (of Demon Balla), illegal mining mafia and honey traps & corruption in intelligence agencies.

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Title: "Voices old and New"; Compiler : Naheed Hassan.; Publisher: IndiReads (January 2015); Pages: 228;

This book has 20 stories of different genres by 20 different authors. My story "One Night at the Temple of Circe" is a breezy, magical tale of a young trekker venturing alone into a jungle at night and landing up at a spooky temple where a few strange men seem to be having a blogger's get together in the middle of the night. Key themes are  sorcery, blogs and bloggers.

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Title: "Vengeance: A Sting in every Tale"; Compiler : Sonia Rao.; Publisher: Amazon Digital (December 2015); Pages: 257;

The book has 22 stories of different genres by different authors. My story "Damned for Eternity" is the tale of a scientist set in a dystopian world of the future. It is a tale of love, loss, power, revenge and immortality. Key themes are the implications of humans achieving immorality, issue of ethics in science and interactions between politics, business and science.

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Title: "UnBound E-Magazine Issue #2: Strength of a Woman"; Compiler : For Writers, By Authors; Publisher: Pen Paper Coffee (August 2016);

The magazine has 12 poems and 12 short story around the theme: Strength of a Woman. My story "Her Name is Red" is the tale of a woman involved closely with Mao's communist revolution in China. It revolves around the the kind of excesses carried out as part of the communist revolution in China as well as true love and the sacrifices it entails.
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Title: "Telegram - Aug 2016"; Publisher: Talking Books in Delhi (Aug 2016)

This literary magazine features short stories, essays, poetry and cartoon strips around the the theme 'Magic Realism'. Three of my micro fiction feature in this magazine.
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Title: "Curtain Call"; Compiler : Rafaa Dalvi.; Publisher: Half Baked Beans (2016); Pages: 230

This book having 20 stories of different genre , has one of my earliest stories - His Leela. It is a tale of how a disgruntled old man rediscovers love for life . Some of the key themes in the story are Life philosophies, Freedom of Choice, Women's empowerment.

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