Little Bear on Goldilock's Visit

Having already acquired two wonderful guest bloggers, this series now gets a bonus guest post with my friend Suresh, who has already done a guest post in my very first series, being kind enough to offer one for this series as well. One of Suresh's talents is to bring out different personality types in a humorous way through dialogue and first person narratives. Here we see him taking on the voice of the little bear in the Goldilocks story. People who want to read more of his writings can check out his blog here.

So, we needed honey for our porridge and there was none in the den. So, I like honey and insisted I needed some with my porridge. Why should I have to traipse around with my parents getting it? Just because they want to spend quality time with me? Why could they not leave me snooze near the fire while they went and got it for me?
Look what happened. We came back to the den and..
Someone has eaten some of my porridge”, yelled Daddy.
Someone has eaten some of mine too”, yelled Mommy.
I was about to say, “I told you to leave me behind” when I saw that my bowl was completely emptied.
Someone has eaten all my porridge and licked the bowl clean. Now what will I eat?
Eat some of mine, son
Yours is too hot, Dad
Eat some of mine.
Yours is too cold. I want some of MY porridge made just right”, I bawled and was just about to throw a tantrum.
The problem with tantrums is that they are not effective if parents are not paying attention. Parents are very frustrating that way.
Someone has been sitting in my chair
Someone has been sitting in my chair, too.
Just as I was about to say, “Forget your stupid chairs and pay attention to me”, I saw that my chair was broken.
Someone has been sitting in my chair and has broken it. Now where will I sit?
Sit in mine, son
Yours is too big.
Sit in mine.
Yours is big, too
Then you better sit on the floor till your chair is repaired”, said Dad.
Have you ever wondered about this? Parents just do not seem to care for the comfort of their children. If their first few suggestions do not meet your approval, they turn unsympathetic.
I was just drawing in a deep breath to bawl impressively when my parents disappeared into the bedroom.
Someone has been lying in my bed.
Someone has been lying in mine too.
I rushed in to see what had happened to my bed now. There was a human shaped lump under the blanket.
Someone has been lying in my bed and is still sleeping there
The blankets heaved and a little girl with curly golden hair leapt up.
Goldilocks! What have you got yourself into”, she said to herself. Before we could gather ourselves up, she jumped out of the window and ran away.
Now, where will I sleep? My bed stinks of human scent
Do you think Mommy offered to take out the bedding and air it? Did Dad? You just cannot rely upon parents to do the right thing, these days.
Sleep in mine, son”, said Dad.
Yours is too hard.”
Sleep in mine
Yours is too soft
The tantrum that I was holding in, for want of an audience, now burst forth. I wanted my porridge my way, I wanted my chair, and I wanted my bed without that scent, and I told all that to them loudly and incessantly. Did I get what I wanted?
You can go without supper; sleep on the floor; and help your Mom air the bedding and me to repair your chair tomorrow. And, if you do not stop that caterwauling, you can also find a different den to live in tomorrow
Parents are so cruel. I hate them.
But, I hate that Goldilocks even more. If she had to intrude into our den, why did she have to like ALL the things I like?
If ever again I meet anyone who likes exactly what I like, I am going to run as far and as fast as I can.

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