One Year of Science Fiction and Fantasy

Well - this is the day this blog was born exactly an year back. The target I had set for myself for the first year was to post for 52 consecutive weeks. I have managed to meet this target. This has been especially challenging in the last few weeks given my really strenuous work schedule. But it feels all the more special for having managed it somehow.

Unlike my other blog, this is a niche blog. Also I have a planned schedule and do a series of related posts. So I can't just write what comes to my mind. The first series was a show case of some of my favorite Science Fiction Series. This was followed by a series on authors who laid the foundation for the emergence of the science fiction genre. The third series was a showcase of children’s fantasy, then a series of retold English fairy tales and last but not the least – the one currently in progress – showcase of my favorite anime series. With these series I have managed to cover my favorite fiction genre across media and also indulged in my own creative expression through the retelling of fairy tales. The other highlight of this year is guest posts. I managed to get one each from Umashankar Pandey, Jayashree Srivatsan, Pankti Mehta and Vishal Gaur while Suresh Chandrashekaran gave me two. Unlike usual guest posts where guest author has freedom to write on any topic of their choice, I approached these people with specific requests to fit in with the series running on my blog. I must thank all of them for accommodating my requests and coming up with really interesting posts.

In the coming year, I hope to bring to the table more works in these genres in different media. I also would like to do some posts having in depth analysis of some popular themes in these genres and of course continue to put up my own works of fiction as well. While this format is good for shorter fiction, I will have to think of an appropriate strategy for longer fiction. Each of my longer fiction would be series spanning 8-12 posts. Some of my more ambitious projects might need many more than that. I already have 4 in mind – one a retelling of a Mayan mythology, one a fantasy story set in Harry Potter universe, the third a paranormal thriller with links to World War 2 and the fourth a children's fantasy using elements from Enid Blyton's Magic Faraway Tree Series. Each of these I started on my other blog and abandoned after a few episodes. I plan to revive them on this blog some time. But I have to think whether it would not make the blog monotonous to have just a single story running for 30-40 weeks at a stretch and nothing else. One option would be to run novel length series parallel to the regular weekly posts. But given my work and family pressures, I might not be able to do justice to more than one post a week. So this is something I need to give a serious thought to.

Overall, I hope I can keep this blog running successfully for a second year as well. Hope to do some blog design changes and get more readers as well this year.


  1. Congrats Karthik on achieving a successful milestone !

  2. Let us face it, Karthik, there are not many Indian blogs that can match the dedication to science fiction and fantasy I have come across around here. But for you, I'd have never written a post on Oryx and Crake. Thank you for giving me the chance and I do hope to be able to return to your blog over and over.

    1. Thanks Umashankar. I am not even sure if there are any other Indian blogs as such that focus on this particular genre. I hope to host you on my blog in future too.

  3. Best wishes Karthik Sir - wishing you and the readers many more successful years of SF posts and book reviews :)


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