Geek v/s Greek

So there is this girl Kyra, a typical extrovert who likes small talk, buys into all latest fads and a complete hedonist. And another girl, whose name we don't know as such, who is a complete introvert, knowledgeable and a deep thinker who likes to analyze everything. The girl Kyra works as a brand ambassador for Lakme and goes about evangelizing their line of products to people she meets. The other girl probably works as a techie in some cool product company like Google or Facebook. Or maybe she is with NASA. What happens when these two run into each other? I try to imagine a conversation between the two.  Kyra is referred to as Greek given the Greeks' penchant for hedonism as well as her name having a Greek sound to it. The other one is Geek for obvious reason.

Greek: Why hello there!

Geek: Hello is there so that humans can greet each other. It is usually the first word people say when they pick up the phone. Talking of phones, Graham bell was supposed to have invented the telephone. But some claims state that he had actually stolen the invention from one Elisha Grey.

By the way, you missed proposition ‘is’. You should have said ‘Why is hello there’. But this is a common mistake most non-native English speakers make. Talking of which where are you from?

Greek: I’m Kyra from Greece.

Geek: Kyra, an interesting name! In Greek, it means Lord or Lady. It is of Egyptian origin meaning ‘Like Ra’. Ra of course is the Egyptian sun God, the oldest of the Egyptian Gods. The myth of his journey through the 12 hours of the night is a fascinating one.

Kyra is also the name of a simple, fully featured, industrial strength Sprite engine written in C++. The Kyra engine is suited to 2D, isometric, and quasi-3D games. By the way gaming is a passion for me – both creating and playing them. What do you like to do?

Greek: I like to go outdoors to have fun in the sun, play some volley ball with my friends and relax with a nice cold drink

Geek: Nice rhyme – fun and sun! Bun, dun, gun, pun and run are a few other words that rhyme with these words. Let us try to make a sentence with all these words. I was eating a bun in the sun and having fun, when a dun came after me with a gun and I had to run. There was no time for a pun though. Who can think of a pun or to have fun in the sun, when a dun is after you with a gun? All you can think of is to drop the bun and run in the sun.

But if I run in the sun, my pale skin will turn dun. So there is no escape from the dun either ways. Now that is a pun! In case you don’t know, dun can mean a debt collecting agent or a brownish color. If you keep playing volleyball in the sun, your skin should also have turned dark. How come it is so fair?

Greek: All thanks to Lakme Sun expert.

Geek: Sun expert? Who is he? Must be a hot shot scientist! And what is a Luckmy? A newly discovered solar system? So much research still remains to be done on our own sun and there are folks researching suns of other systems?

Greek: No, no. It has nothing to do with the sun. Lakme is a brand.

Geek: Ah! I get it. It is a brand of cold drink? Is that what you are relaxing with? Cold drinks do help you beat the heat, eh?

Greek: It is not a cool drink. It is a fairness cream.

Geek: Wow! They are now bottling fairness and selling it as creams? I am sure it must be selling like hot cakes. That is possibly the only place fairness can be found in today’s world.

Greek: I mean sunscreen. Stuff that protects my skin from the effects of the sun.

Geek: I get it. So what are your plans for the summer?

Greek: This summer, I’m going have fun in the sun on an exotic beach.

Geek: Exotic beach? That sounds interesting. I am interested in knowing how an exotic beach is different from a normal beach. Will the sand be green and the water pink? Will there be flying pigs, dancing monkeys and singing donkeys performing there?

Greek: Err… I don’t know all that. All I know is I am going to have fun thanks to Lakme skin expert.

Geek: What kind of fun, may I ask dear? I am having fun right here in front of my computer. What more fun can you have in the beach?

Greek: It can't be explained. It has to be experienced. I am fun loving, enjoy my music and love travelling. And I am going to live it up on the beach.

Geek: Leave it up? Leave what up? Only thing I can think of is hot air. So you are planning to sit in the hot beach drinking some cold aerated drink and leaving out hot air? Doesn’t exactly sound like my idea of fun.

Greek: (Putting on a pout) You are just impossible. No use talking to you! Can you even imagine the kind of fun I am having? Lakme Sun Expert has allowed me to be bitten by wanderlust and have all the outdoor fun I want whilst staying sun protected.

Geek: What is this wanderlust? Some kind of super bug? Whatever it is I don’t care to be bitten. Don’t these Lakme guys have a cream to protect you from being bitten by these bugs as well? You know then it will be a 2-in-1. Protects from sun when outside and from mosquitoes when inside.

Greek (Puffed up with earnesty): But staying indoors how can you enjoy sunshine like never before? See what you have done to yourself. What is the use reading so much about about technology, science, space travel, aliens and all that? You look so thin, wizened and pale. Combined with your large spectacles, you look like an alien yourself. Have you ever had a boy friend? Or for the matter has any dude passing by even given you a second look? What do you have to show at the end of the day for all your so called intellectual pursuits in the darkness of your room?

Geek (suddenly breaks down into tears): Yes. You are right. Sunshine has been lacking in my life all this while. Give me some sunshine. Give me some rain. Give me another chance to grow up once again.

Greek: Here take this tube of sun screen, apply it on your skin and go out and enjoy the sunshine without getting sun burnt. What more, the wax in the cream makes your skin waterproof too. So you can enjoy the rain as well without getting wet. You will get another chance to grow up once again.

Geek (Beaming): Thanks Kyra. Thanks Lakme for giving me one more chance. This time I will grow up once again and turn out to be a stunning beauty who will be every hunk’s dream.