When I am not writing

Let me keep this short and sweet. An engineer and a MBA, who has worked as an IT Consultant and Operations Strategy Consultant. Currently working as an Analytics consultant.

IIT, Madras, IIM, Ahmedabad, International University of Japan, Infosys, Unisys, Accenture, Kirby Building Systems and Deutsche Post Gmbh are some of the institutes and organizations whose badges I have borne around my neck in the 20 years since I finished my schooling.

Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ernakulam, Trichy, Gurgaon, Ahmedabad, Bhopal, Baruch, Indore, Tarapur, Nagpur, Ambasamudram, Munich, Bonn and Urasa are places where I have found place to rest my head in my close to 40 years of existence.

I mostly waste time on social media when not reading, writing or working. I did try to learn not one but four different martial arts ending up with a master black belt to show for my efforts. The said master black belt however was not in any of the martial arts but in Lean Six Sigma. For 8 months, I diligently attended guitar classes. But at the end of it I could not for the life of me figure even how to tune the damn thing. I also bought a cool SLR camera and tried my hand at photography. But the shutter bug just did not catch on. I used to trek a bit but the treks gave way to cozy family vacations and business trips. I do watch movies and TV series during the times I pass through those reader's block phases. Reading is something I have managed to hang on to over the years. I read all kind of stuff but prefer science fiction and children's fiction. That's about it I guess.