I am sure the first question that arises in your mind on seeing this section is why for heaven’s sake would you want to contact me. Or maybe you frequently visit blogs and have seen almost every blog having one So it’s become one of those things in life that have you taken for granted and learnt to ignore and move on. In that case you probably would not be reading this. Since you are reading this, you are not one of them. And so I owe you an answer.

When I started blogging, I had fanciful notions that book publishers, movie producers or even revolutionaries groups would be so besotted with my writing that they would be lining up to rope me in. Nine years have done their considerable bit to disabuse me of any such notions. “So why this contact page then?” you may ask. Well, I am hoping at least one or two souls may genuinely like my writings in general and want to have a word or two with me –  you know a kind word of appreciation on my writing that warms my heart and motivates me to keep at it. Or you might give me one of those life changing tips that might be just the final missing piece keeping me from greatness.

Then there are these other mundane stuff – offer or requests for guest posts, information on contests, some kind of writing collaboration, collaboration with brands or blogging portals and all that.

And then I fondly hope some of you may like to receive regular updates from me in your mailbox. No! No! Not spam mails and trying to get personal and all that stuff. I was thinking more on the lines of a month summary of my latest blog posts, some updates on my writing and some exclusive content maybe.

For all of the above and more, just shoot out a mail to Right! That's my email id. It is not fake. You can try shooting a mail. You also have my Facebook page and Twitter id on the sidebar if you don't do e-mail.