Whimsical Yarns

The Strange Ritual
My name is ZZXD4. I am 12 years old. I live on the planet Gaedis Prime in Alpha Centauri galaxy. This summer I went on my first time travel vacation. It was to the time when humans were still a tribal race and lived on a single planet called the earth, our planet of origin which is now a radioactive dump too dangerous to visit anytime after 1000 BTT (before time travel). I got to witness a really interesting tribal ritual held in 1500 BTT which gives an insight into the intelligence levels, culture and civilization of the human race during the dark ages.

The ritual was performed in the middle of a huge arena. There were thousands of people gathered around the arena to witness the ritual. READ MORE

The Legend of Baikadu
The grandsire was one of the rare few who could lay genuine claims to the title of warrior poet. He had been a skilled hunter and a stubborn fighter in his days. He was the pride of the prides. One of the most revered ones. But in spite of his violent reputation, he had retained a love for the finer arts. He was an accomplished poet and story teller. Now in his old age, his strength and dexterity had deserted him. His poetry and stories were what still made him much sought after. His most popular story was the legend of the baikadu*. All the cubs had gathered around him that night for another narration of this legend.

The grandsire cleared his throat and began, “Cubs, hold your breath. Today I am going to tell you about the most powerful creature that has ever lived. I am the only one who has seen this creature and lived to tell his tale.” READ MORE

Man in the Biker Helmet
It was never going to be an ordinary day. None of his days ever were! Ordinary days were for ordinary people. Ordinary people did ordinary things. Wandering around aimlessly on a deserted island was definitely no ordinary thing. Nor having a helmet on one’s haead 24 hours a day! He wore it even while sleeping and eating. The helmet was attached firmly to his head covering his entire face. It was made in such a way that he could open the front visor only up to half way up his nose. Why had this been done to him? Was his face so grotesque that no one wanted to risk seeing it even on a totally deserted island?

Dipesh had been an ordinary person all his life. Till that fateful day! He had studied engineering, loved cricket and was a software engineer. A description that would have easily fitted any of the hundred thousand young men in the country!  READ MORE

Could Black and the Seven Sardars
Once upon a time there was an evil witch. But wait a moment! Who believes in magic anymore.. So keeping with the current times the current times, let us make the witch a socialite: a former model and an actress. An actress, who does dope, drinks like a fish and smokes like a chimney. In short a complete vamp. The original witch was married to a king. This socialite instead is married to a liquor baron who also owns an airline and an IPL team. Is he any less than a king, eh?  Of course being a socialite and not a witch, she has only regular mirrors which do not say anything when asked "Mirror Mirror on the Wall, who is the fairest of them all?" But she has better means of checking her popularity than dumb mirrors. What else are news websites and tabloids for, to say nothing of social networks? READ MORE

The Fiery Adventures of Salamander
The dark league has assembled. For a meeting. The largest of its kind. And the most diabolic. All of them are here. The sharpest minds of the universe have united. For a common cause. To take on their common foe. Now who is the foe that the darkest of the dark, the deadliest of the deadly, the cunningest of the cunning fear? Who? Who? Who is this? He strikes such fear in their heart that they even fear to say his name. For enemy of the dark is the light. And no other do the creatures of the dark fear as the harbinger of light. And of fire. Salamander is his name. Preying on darkness is his game. Ridding the surface of the shadows is his claim to fame. READ MORE

Samson's Hair Problem
My hair needs a recharge! I need it badly. Without my hair, I am nothing. It is a matter of life and death for me. I know what you are thinking. That I am comely lass getting worked about about a silly party? Let me warn you. You better change your way of thinking or I will come at you with the jaw bone of an ass. What? Do you think I am joking? The thousand Philistines who thought so paid with their life.

I know it is hard to believe this blind hairless man bound like a chained dog is a great warrior who could kill a ferocious lion with a single blow.   READ MORE

The Laputan Engine Technologies
Fuel prices were rising and threatening to put paid to all hopes of India's aspirations of becoming a super power. That was when the delegation from Laputa, the land of the air castles made contact with the Indian government. They met with the prime minister who welcomed them with bear hugs that left them completely overwhelmed. But they also did not lag in magnanimity. They had for him an offer he could not refuse - a complete path breaking engine technology - to be made by the Laputans as part of the 'Make in India' initiative. And what more - with 80% of the money invested by Laputa as a loan to India at -1% interest rate.   READ MORE

The World of two legged freaks
Sometimes you live a life time with someone without really understanding even a part of them. Even after hundred lifetimes, we can’t honestly say we really understand the two legged freaks we have chosen to live with. We have practically given up trying to understand them but sometimes we indulge our curiosity. This was one of those times.

I had always observed this large building being guarded by a couple of freaks but till that day I had not cared to venture into this building. Piece of cake it was. The guards did not even seem to notice me. They were busy examining the bags of their fellow freaks. I am not sure what they expected to find inside the bags. If they wanted food they would be better served poking their nose into dustbins. Anyways let me not dwell more into their idiosyncrasies.  READ MORE

Yama's Boon
He lay on his bed. The silhouette of a man on a buffalo, a lasso in his hand could be seen outside the window.

My time has not yet come, my Lord. You had promised me five full years of life. I still have four months left. I have so much more left to do here”, he yelled frantically, mustering together the last bit of his life.

Lord Yama had a calm, serene smile on his face as he materialized in front of the dying man.  “Do you remember my exact boon to you?"

 “Yes, my lord, every word of it. Finish all your unfinished business, son, you had said”, “Twenty seven are the stars that adorn the blue sky. And twenty seven times a hundred thousand minutes of life have your noble deeds earned you. Not a second more not a second less do I give you. Use every one of it wisely”. READ MORE

Rapunzel - the reality behind the fiction
She had received a mail that she had won the first prize in the “Write a Hair Raising Tale” contest.
This was her first win in a blogging contest and she was so excited. The bell rang. Had the gift reached her already? No. It can’t be. She knew that these contest guys were always tardy. It would take at least a month for her gift to reach her. She opened the door and was greeted by one of the strangest looking men she had ever seen. He was wrapped in a tattered brown cloak, his hair was uncombed and his sallow face was unshaven. She wondered if he had escaped from some lunatic asylum.
He held out a bottle to her. “Here is your prize, ma’am!
She looked surprised. “This is it? This is the prize for the“Hair Raising Tale” Contest?”
She felt so disappointed. She had dreamed of an iPad or at least a Samsung Galaxy Tab. But instead all she was getting was a bottle with dark yellow liquid from this shabby man? Now she knew why she had won ahead of all those regular winners. READ MORE

A Tournament without Honor
The great Knights of the Round Table had gathered for the yearly tournament. The whole stadium was ablaze with excitement. It was the time for the knights to prove their valor. All the royal maidens were watching eagerly to see who would be proven to be the fairest. The one whose champion won the tournament would have that honor. Merlin’s mind was not in the tournament. He had just discovered a new artifact from an ancient crypt and was trying to divine its purpose. But he could not miss the tournament as the knights would consider it an affront on their honor. He was busy trying to make it reveal its magical powers as he waited for the tournament to begin. He pulled a small knob and ‘Poof’. He suddenly found everyone around him has got transformed. READ MORE

Geek v/s Greek
So there is this girl Kyra, a typical extrovert who likes small talk, buys into all latest fads and a complete hedonist. And another girl, whose name we don't know as such, who is a complete introvert, knowledgeable and a deep thinker who likes to analyze everything. The girl Kyra works as a brand ambassador for Lakme and goes about evangelizing their line of products to people she meets. The other girl probably works as a techie in some cool product company like Google or Facebook. Or maybe she is with NASA. What happens when these two run into each other? I try to imagine a conversation between the two.  Kyra is referred to as Greek given the Greeks' penchant for hedonism as well as her name having a Greek sound to it. The other one is Geek for obvious reason. READ MORE

A Brief History of Washing
Rahul quickly shoved all his dirty clothes into the washing machine, put in some of that new vibrating molecules soap powder, closed the lid and went out for dinner. After a momentous evening with his girlfriend, he came home in a rather good mood. But the mood was spoilt when he opened the washing machine. The clothes were in exactly the same state he had left them. The soap powder lay on top of the clothes, insipid and lifeless. It seemed like this whole vibrating molecules thingy was just a con job.

He pulled out his lamp and rubbed it angrily. Copious amounts of smoke began to emerge out of the lamp. Soon the smoke coalesced into the figure of a heavy set man in ancient Chinese costumes. “At your service, master,” he said bowing politely to Rahul. As many of you might have guessed it was a Genie. READ MORE