Guest Posts

  1. Is Hindi Cinema The Mirror Of A Nation's Aspirations?  "An analysis of how movies over the decades have reflected the pulse of the nation" - The NRI, an e-magazine.
  2. A Case of Confused Identities "Who are you? Are you a christian, a football player, an Indian or a poet" - The NRI, an e-magazine.
  3. Bird Watching in Kuala Lumpur - A travel post for a travel blogger's blog
  4. Why read Fantasy? "A take on why fantasy is a genre that is worth reading for most people ? " - The Book Club, a Book Promotion Group's Blog
  5. My Childhood Memories of Cricket "In the following post he shares his trysts with cricket during his formative years." - Cricket Wise, a personal blog of a cricket enthusiast
  6. The Curse of the Last Swan  - A work of short fiction for an e-magazine run by a Book promotion group
  7. Thoughts on Parenting - A post on my first experiences as a father for Rachna Says, a personal blog rated as India's leading blog on parenting and relationships
  8. Five Younger Gods - A satire on the world of blogging for Few Miles, a personal blog of a very enthusiastic young blogger who has been part of many an Indian anthology
  9. Review of 2 states - a novel by Chetan Bhagat - A book review for a blogger who is into reviews