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Cities with Character

"You are a complete wastrel of a husband. You just go to the counting house from morning to evening and then come back and lie around doing nothing.”

Why does she keep nagging me all the time? If I were a real wastrel I would be at home entire day. But I knew better than to tell her that. Sometime silence is best.

“Now see Hadhod next door. How much he does for his family! Last month he got his wife a diamond necklace. Last week he got her a brand new satin gown stitched specially for her by the town’s most famous seamstress. And even yesterday he got her earrings studded with exotic stones the likes of which I have never seen.”

Jewels, golds, diamonds! It is always about these useless metal and stone trinkets, isn’t it? All these things require money. Does she think money grows on trees? Always Hathod this, Hathod that. That fellow Hathod is actually the real wastrel. He does not even go to work. He just sits around home all day claiming to be waiting for the muse whatever that is…

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