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To the Printing Press

One of the biggest decisions that comes in the life of a self-published author is whether to go for a print edition or not. Now this one aspect is what makes lot of people chase the coat tails of publishers because they want to see themselves in print. Despite all the popularity of e-books a book does not feel real unless it is a paperback you can touch and feel, stain it with coffee marks, dog ear it and leave marks of your existence behind on it. A legacy that you can pass on to the next reader who borrows from you and doesn’t return or to the one who picks it up from the second-hand book store where the book reaches from you. Each printed book has an interesting life of its own undertaking a journey carrying your story from person to person. A e-book lacks that. But then a paperback doesn’t come free. Who will invest money in getting the damn thing printed? If it was one or two ,the author would himself be glad to shell out the dough. But when minimum quantity required runs in hun…

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