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A Strange Ritual

My name is ZZXD4. I am 12 years old. I live on the planet Gaedis Prime in Alpha Centauri galaxy. This summer I went on my first time travel vacation. It was to the time when humans were still a tribal race and lived on a single planet called the earth, our planet of origin which is now a radioactive dump too dangerous to visit anytime after 1000 BTT (before time travel). I got to witness a really interesting tribal ritual held in 1500 BTT which gives an insight into the intelligence levels, culture and civilization of the human race during the dark ages.

The ritual was performed in the middle of a huge arena. There were thousands of people gathered around the arena to witness the ritual. These were the same kind of arenas that were used for more violent sports during 3500 BTT. But apparently with the progress of civilization, mankind's idea of entertainment had become less violent and more ritualistic. There were fifteen men actually involved in the ritual. The objective seemed t…

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