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Slaying the dreaded Formatting Dragon

In the ninth post on my journey to publication, I am going to talk about a topic whose very thought filled me with dread – formatting. I have heard nightmares of books turning up real shabby and all over the place on Kindle. Or it looking decent in the font you have set but getting totally distorted when a different font is selected by user. So much so that I wanted to pay someone to do it. Costs as high as 25 Rs. per page kept me from this move.

Over the Diwali weekend, I braced myself and decided to get on with the onerous task. I googled and found some long videos on how to do it. For the first time I learnt about stuff such as styles, headers and breaks. And I learnt for a Kindle book, you should not use empty lines or empty spaces for positioning a certain word or sentence. The thing is all the positioning gets changed based on the device and the font. So I spent an entire day poring over video and applying my learning on my manuscript. I learnt how to make paragraphs and set ind…

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