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The Fluke Horse

‘Fluke Horse’. I heard this term for the first time at the age of six. I was in my Upper kindergarten. I was the person to who this epithet was applied. By my class teacher. For what purpose? To explain my feat of securing the first rank that term. My parents had been in cloud heaven when they had heard of my performance and had come expecting to receive words of glowing appreciation. After an unremarkable Lower kindergarten, I seemed to have turned a new leaf and was progressing in the direction of their dreams. But no. That was not to be. All they received was “He is just a fluke horse”.
Over the years, the term was to become all too familiar to me for my parents kept flashing it in front of me all the time. As the teacher had predicted, I never ever managed to get first rank in her class after that. I did manage to get the coveted first rank yet again the following year. But that was the last time ever for the next eleven years of schooling. But still why would a teacher say that…

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