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A Bad Beginning?

Get up in the morning, walk up to office just down the street, have breakfast, then head to your computer to check e-mails, read through and resend funny forwards, head to the coffee machine and for some nice coffee, come back and play some computer games, then catch up with your roomie for a cigarette, then get back to your seat for some cubicle gossip, then lunch. After lunch, head home for a nap. Post nap, catch the bus to the city to catch the evening show of the latest movie, have dinner and head back home. Come weekend head to the wine shop to get a few bottles of cheap liquor to keep you company as you embark on a journey of discovery through life, the universe and everything with your room mates. And nothing like Biryani at the local Malayalee Muslim hotel to top off the weekend. Or should you say bottoms out? And the icing on top of the cake - you get paid to do this. Idyllic life, isn’t it? Well, not really. Not when you got to do all this with a sword hanging over your head.