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Coolest Technologies in Town - what else is out there?

So here I am. To talk about some more of the new technologies. "Damn!" you must be thinking. "How many more of them are out there?" Now don't blame me. I didn't invent them. They all just happen to be there and I am trying to make sense of them along with you. Talking of which I hope you remember all the stuff I said in my last post about connecting the virtual world and real world and all that. No. You didn't? Now don't tell me you skipped through all that stuff and went straight to the second half. And here I was feeling so proud about  having written such clever sounding stuff. Anyways to cut a long point short I was trying to view all technologies as part of a bigger objective of mapping the real world to the virtual world. From this standpoint let us look at some more of the technologies our there. Blockchain - This one goes to the very base of the difference between real world and virtual world. I mean the real world we experience where

What's the deal with all these newfangled technologies?

Technology, technology, technology all around, but not a person to tell me what these technologies are all about. One talks of big data, artificial intelligence, block chain and what not. They all sound cool and all that. Fine. And everyone says lot of opportunities for jobs and entrepreneurship around them. Presumably.  But where do I start? Good question indeed. And the answer is where it all began. And where would that be? The start of the IT revolution? Or maybe still back to the time of industrial revolution? Or even further back. To the time when printing press was invented? Or maybe even back. When men made the first cave drawing, when the first tribes were born, when the first mythologies came into being. Ha! Confused you, didn't I? Where did mythology come into this suddenly out of the blue, eh, you ask? You wonder if I am kidding you. Not at all. Sometimes it is good to go back right to the beginning where it all began. There was this old Greek philosopher, a fel

Welcome to the Corporate Jungle - here there be Dragons in Pinstripes

It's a bad world bad world out there. There be dragons and ogres. Witches and vampires. Dark Lords and demons. They are all out there and more waiting where they all come from. Stalking you at every turn. Lurking around every corner.  To prey upon the unsuspecting victim - you. Yes - you. Its a jungle out there. A corporate jungle with ugly skyscrapers dotting the landscape like pimples and warts on mother Gaia's lovely visage. One would have done well to stay at home minding one's farm. But, no. When were farmer boys content tending to their good old pigs. They want to go out there, swat monsters, plunder gold, level up, swat bigger monsters, plunder even more gold, level up further and keep going on and on till they reach the final encounter with the boss monster who's got like incredible number of life points and just refuses to die no matter how much you go at him with all the awesome sword and sorcery you managed to acquire through the game. That's how