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Three Body Problem - A Chinese Space Opera having aliens and string theory

Have you were wished for a book that has Asimov’s stories stretching across millennia and crises facing humanity to be solved like puzzles, Clarke’s detailing of mechanism of futuristic space crafts and equipment, Orson Scott Card’s ethical dilemmas faced by leaders – justification of evil and harm to certain sentient beings for greater good of humanity versus endangering entire humanity for sake of principles and last but not the least H G Wells’ use of ideas from science and dark outlook for humanity? If so, you have a Chinese Science Fiction author who gives you just that – Cixin Liu’s Remembrance of Earth's Past trilogy. Whoever says Chinese lacks imagination should read this series. And he is no Chinese American. He is a proper Chinese living in China, who has written the series in Chinese - the ones I read are English translations.

I was mostly into the golden age authors – Asimov, Clarke, Herbert, Heinlein, Dickson, Vance et al, Orson Scott Card being the only author I read…

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