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An argument against pre-marital sex

There are socialistic and capitalistic view points in matters of economy while in matters of society, there are liberal and conservative viewpoints. Politically though the economic left is lumped with the social liberals while capitalists and conservatives end up as bed fellows. The reason is of course obvious - to have a viable chance in politics, any political formation needs support of the masses as well as the ones who hold the purse strings. While a socialistic conservative disposition will have complete support of the masses, a capitalistic liberal disposition will be favored by those with money and privilege. Typically most educated folks working in corporate world tend to be capitalistic liberal also known as libertarian, while writers, artists etc. tend to incline more towards socialist liberalism, while the truly devout and religious minded would be socialist conservative. Capitalist conservatism I feel is just an opportunistic stand which no one truly believes in but adopt…

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